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“I learned how to approach a design project more systematically, and going through my homework assignments, I feel more prepared for the design field.”
Yosif Chernashki
Product Designer @VMWare
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How is UI Learn Different

Master all aspects of UI Design through learning-by-doing.

By combining straight-to-the-point design theory – illustrated with real-world examples – with a focus on systems and frameworks, deliberate practice, personal feedback on your assignments (by me!) and 1-on-1 mentoring, you’ll gain the confidence, competence and mindset of a professional UI designer …so you can get the clients, jobs and recognition you’re after.

College or University
$25,000 - $50,000
  • Watch/take lessons
  • Hope something sticks
  • No feedback
  • Continue as before
Other courses
$1,500 - $3,000
  • Watch/take lessons
  • Hope something sticks
  • No feedback
  • Continue as before
Other bootcamps
$3,000 - $15,000
  • Watch/take lessons
  • Hope something sticks
  • No feedback
  • Continue as before
UI Learn
  • Watch a lesson
  • Practice with homework
  • Receive feedback
  • Iterate and improve!

Here’s what’s inside.

My promise for you is that by the end of UI Learn, you will be able to firmly stand on your own feet, and are able to confidently design any user interface.

7 video lessons • Save time and frustration by learning to quickly and efficiently organize your design projects (I'll share my exact structure for you to use or adapt to your liking)
Mastering Figma
5 video lessons
Users Problem
5 video lessons
6 video lessons
7 video lessons
5 video lessons
Crafting the UI
8 video lessons
All for the users
7 video lessons

Get access to $899 in bonuses

Practice assignment reviews

Get personal feedback from me on your practice assignments. Each lesson features at least one assignment so you can integrate the foundational knowledge from the lesson through learning-by-doing, and forms the heart of the course.

Notion Product Designer Workflow

A streamlined workflow is an essential part of any professional UI designer. It will help you design faster, with less confusion, and in a more organized way. ‍ The Notion Product Designer Workflow is my own personal, battle-tested workflow for Product Design, which I’ve refined over years of working and teaching.

Design System Starter Kit

My Design System Starter Kit features 2500+ customizable component skeletons that you can use to create UI component libraries for all your products or design systems.

So how do you design great products?

To become a master UI designer that’s ready to confidently take on any job or client, here’s what you need to focus on:

Strategic Partner

Learn how to approach the process of designing interfaces in a streamlined and strategic manner, and then tweaking it to your own way of working.


An experienced mentor or coach to give your personal feedback, point you in the right direction, and fast-track your skill development, thereby saving you months (if not years) of fumbling around.


A deep understanding of the foundational principles of UI design, so you can design any interface you can think of by yourself (without having to rely on copying someone else’s design).


A focus on learning the systems and frameworks that drive master UI designers: Too many courses just focus on learning you some software tools and having you copycat the teacher’s screens, which don’t develop your independent, creative thinking capabilities.

Over 400+ UI/UX Designers have already leveled up their skills

And they work at companies like , and .

The level of detail, expertise, theory, and genuine craftsmanship that has gone into this course is incredible. It’s well worth the investment and more.
Bakhtiyar Sattarov
UX/UI Designer @ Microsoft
I must say it is hard to critique the UI Learn course. For me it is a perfect match. I really like that the lessons are essential, straightforward and high quality.
Bakhtiyar Sattarov
UX/UI Designer @ Microsoft
I learned how to approach a design project more systematically, and going through my homework assignments, I feel more prepared for the design field.
Bakhtiyar Sattarov
UX/UI Designer @ Microsoft

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On Deck

Hi, I’m Denis. I believe UX/UI training should teach you how things work in the real world so you can, you know, make money! I know how it feels to work your butt off and wonder why you’re not getting ahead.

I was self-taught and made it all the way to being a Senior Product Designer and working with clients such as BMW, Samsung and Panasonic. I designed the user interfaces for products that are currently used by millions of people worldwide, and you can too.


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Frequently asked questions

What if I've already been a UI Designer for a few years?

That’s great too. I’ve had some very experienced designers tell me they greatly benefitted from the course. I believe that the pros in any skill (whether that’s design or soccer) become so good at what they do by continuing to focus on improving their fundamentals. Even I still study those regularly today.

Throughout the course, you’ll be challenged to step outside of your design comfort zone and think about UI in a new way. This could be rethinking your design workflow, improving your fundamental knowledge in some aspect, learning about something new entirely (like Interactions) or a variety of other things.

And honestly, the 1-hour coaching session and the other bonuses will pay for itself. Designers have told me they’ve saved hours by using my Product Designer Workflow Notion templates.

How is UI Learn different from other UI/UX online courses?

UI Learn 2.0 is uniquely designed to help you actually learn how to design any user interface, through learning-by-doing. Most UI courses are too passive (watch & pray something sticks). If you want to improve you need to 1) start learning the foundational theory, 2) start designing, 3) get feedback on your work, and 4) get mentored by someone more experienced that can tell you what you need to focus on.

UI Learn 2.0 is all that and more. Much more actually, because I’ll also help you design your unique design workflow, connect you with a community of up-and-coming UI designers, and provide you with some really cool and useful bonuses like the Notion Product Designer Workflow and the Design System Starter Kit.

I have no design background. Is UI Learn right for me?

Perfect. Some of my best students, like Neda (who now works at TikTok) came to me with no design background.

Having no design background can actually be a huge benefit, because you can start learning UI in the right way immediately. If you have no design background you’re more of an open book: You haven’t learned any wrong beliefs, you haven’t adopted any inefficient design workflows, and you haven’t integrated any bad design habits.

As you know, much of becoming great at something is unlearning the wrong things. And UI design isn’t any different.

(Yes, the course will still be challenging, especially in the beginning, but the community is here to help, and you can go at it at your own pace).

Does the course cover mobile apps? Native products? Responsive?

Yes, yes and yes. You’ll learn to design UI for all of them. Even interactions, which most other courses don’t even cover.

Can I get an invoice?

Sure, no problem! Just send me an email at

Do I need paid design software to follow along?

No, you can use Figma, which has a free Personal plan. It’s great and it’s what I use as well.

Do the videos come with subtext? And in what languages?

UI Learn videos do not have subtitles at the moment (May 2023). We are working on updating the course and providing subtitles for more than 30 languages.

Realistically, how much time do I need to spend per week on my courses?

Around 5 hours per week. But it really depends on how you spend the time. What’s important is that you give every part of the course the time it deserves, especially the practice assignments. Don’t rush through these, this is where a lot of the learning happens.