Travel Health App

Challenge 04
Develop an app that provides health-related advice for travelers, including local healthcare facilities, necessary vaccinations, and tips for avoiding common health issues.

Designing an application like "GlobeTrek Health Companion" requires a deep understanding of the unique challenges travelers face regarding their health. This app aims to serve as an indispensable travel partner, providing users with tailored health-related advice depending on their destination. This includes detailed information on local healthcare facilities, recommended vaccinations before departure, and practical tips for sidestepping common health issues that can occur while traveling. As a designer, your goal is to create an intuitive, reliable, and informative platform that can help travelers feel prepared and secure in their health knowledge as they embark on their journeys around the world.


Information Overload: Travelers often find themselves sifting through vast amounts of generic health advice online, leading to confusion about what applies to their specific destination.

Vaccination Confusion: Many travelers are unsure about which vaccinations are required versus recommended for specific destinations, potentially leading to either unnecessary vaccinations or dangerous omissions.

Access to Healthcare: Upon arriving at their destination, travelers may struggle to locate reputable local healthcare facilities or English-speaking healthcare professionals in case of an emergency.

Preventive Measures: There's a lack of personalized preventive health strategies for travelers, which increases the risk of contracting local diseases.

Cultural Health Practices: Travelers are often unaware of local health remedies and practices, which can be more accessible and effective in certain situations.


Direct Solution: To combat information overload, design the app to offer a personalized experience by filtering advice based on the user's destination, duration of stay, and personal health profile.

Industry Research: Designers can research common industry standards by consulting travel health advisories from credible sources like the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) to ensure the vaccination information is accurate and up-to-date.

User Education: To help travelers understand healthcare accessibility, the app can include a feature that lists local healthcare facilities and provides a translation tool for medical terms and phrases. This feature could be enhanced by real user reviews and ratings to ensure trustworthiness.


Discover: In this stage, you gather as much information as possible about the problem, asking questions and researching. You want to understand the problem from different perspectives and identify what needs to be solved.

Define: Once you have a good understanding of the problem, you narrow down your focus and define it clearly. You identify the specific aspects that need to be addressed and set goals for your solution.

Develop: Now, you start generating ideas and exploring different possibilities. You brainstorm, sketch, prototype, and experiment to come up with creative solutions. The goal is to generate a wide range of options without judging them.

Deliver: In this final stage of the first diamond, you select the best solution or a set of solutions based on evaluation and testing. You refine and develop your chosen solution further, considering feasibility, desirability, and viability.

After completing the first diamond, you move on to the second diamond, which represents the second half of the process. It focuses on implementation and bringing the chosen solution to life.

Deliver: This stage involves planning and organizing the resources needed to implement the solution effectively. You create a roadmap or an action plan to guide the execution.

Develop: Now, you actually start building or developing the solution. This may involve coding, designing, manufacturing, or any other necessary steps depending on the nature of the problem.

Define: Once the solution is developed, you evaluate and refine it. You make sure it meets the initial goals and requirements, and you address any issues or shortcomings.

Deploy: Finally, you launch or deploy the solution in the real world. You monitor its performance, gather feedback, and make any necessary adjustments or improvements.

The double-diamond framework emphasizes the importance of exploration and iteration. It helps you understand the problem deeply, generate diverse solutions, and ensure that the chosen solution is well-implemented and effective.