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Intro to UX, Product Design and UI

A clever strategy that will help you distinguish UI, UX, and Product design…

With a simple 6-step guide (if you want to be an active maker that gets paid) to help you outline your strengths and weaknesses

And even thought it could easily sell for $99 (or more), you have a chance to get it for free today by using any form in this page.

Become a color jedi

The ancient “HSB” methodology (invented in the 70’s) that guarantees you select the perfect colors for your next design – but not only that! I’ll share with you a secret color selection strategy (the only one that you’ll need for all your future projects).

Master whitespace

A dirty little secret to nailing every time the width and height padding for your design elements – this sneaky method is (almost) universal and can be used again and again, and if you do it right, your customers won’t even mind…

They’ll probably even BEG you to keep working with you.

The secret sauce

The world’s easiest (and most effective) way to actually become a UI designer rockstar – I learned this the hard way (and honestly because I had no other option) but it takes almost no money to start (this was also part of what made me land whale clients such as BMW and Panasonic).

Applying design principles

How to ethically manipulate user’s experience by leveraging only 2 design components as your deadliest weapons (in a good way of course) – and how to make any design obnoxiously good-looking with close to no effort at all.

Fluid interfaces

An undeniably bizarre (but 100% valid) way to create flexible interfaces without complex methods – this trick alone allows you to master depth + you’ll see how a world-class software does it (as if it wasn’t enough, this is a condensed lesson on how Mark Rise uses nothing but a shade of a certain color to create depth).

How to interview users

4 skills to become a top-notch researcher – these skills are what most companies are really looking for when hiring a designer for a high-income job (mastering these 4 skills can pay you a nice and steady monthly income stream while you skyrocket your career to bring a high paying jobs and clients)

and 15+ more covering everything from Typography, Design tokens, Accessibility, Information Architecture, and more…

Here’s Evidence These Secrets Work!

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Martina Bozhinovska
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